National Bookstore Day

Dear Bookseller,

Thank you for taking a moment to consider National Boosktore Day, a day devoted to celebrating bookselling and the vibrant culture of bookstores on Saturday, November 7th. This promotional idea only works if you participate. Here’s what we propose:

Publishers Weekly (PW) is committed to promoting National Boosktore Day to attract both local and national media coverage in advance to drive new (and faithful!) customers into your store. We will place news announcements in our print editions, email newsletters and across our online web community during September and October. We recognize that many stores already do wonderful promotions, but these are mostly isolated to individual locations. The concept of National Bookstore Day is to build visibility by banding together…if just 10% of independent bookstores participate there would be over 150-200 celebrations across the country!

PW has created a logo and formatted it onto bookmarks, window signs and posters that you can download or insert into your customer print and e-newsletters. These are customizable PDFs that you can promote special discounts, contests and offers available to your customers only on this day. Consider hosting a raffle for a bundle of books or a store gift certificate or perhaps you may want to partner with local non-bookstore retail outlets to put together a basket of prizes in appreciation of your customer's support. PW will be contacting publishers to ask them to promote special bookseller discounts on selected titles in recognition of National Boosktore Day (stay tuned for a list of titles!).

We will handle the promotion and industry coverage but it's up to you to join and decide what kind of event or promotion you want to offer on November 7th. If you do plan to participate, please email us at moc.ssenisubdeer|stnevewp#moc.ssenisubdeer|stnevewp so we can add your bookstore's name and url (provide link) to our website and let others know. Share the wealth! Let us know what you plan to do or if you have unique promotional ideas that bookstores located outside your retail zone can use. We will be tracking and reporting on activity so be sure to watch this page and PW for updates.

Together we can make a difference.

Thank you,

The Team at Publishers Weekly

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